Hi there, my name is Masaki Takahashi. I am a spoken word artist from Lansing, Michigan and the founder/host of The Poetry Room Open Mic. I love hip hop and poetry. Raw gritty expression and stories of the human experience excite me.

The Poetry Room started in 2017 when my friend Dylan Rogers asked me if I would be interested in starting an open mic at The Robin Theatre. From there I asked my friends to come perform, with a great rotation of co-hosts and photographers. We found ourselves an awesome new community.

I describe the Poetry Room, modern and past paced. It has allowed me into a lot great spaces and meet a lot of new people.

Below is some information of past events I did personally.

Opening Act

Neil Hilborn, Endless Bummer Tour
November 5, 2019 The Crofoot, Pike Room
94 attendance. 25 Minute set

Neil Hilborn, Endless Bummer Tour
May 11, 2019 The Loft
291 attendance. 15 Minute set

Select Events

6.6.19 – Dam Jam
4.18.19 – Grand Ledge Area District Library
10.13.18 – Porch Fest
7.28.18 – Williamston Art Fair
05.20.18 – East Lansing
9.23.17 – Porch Fest
9.16.17 – Windwalker Under Ground Gallery

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