Poetry Workshop

Looking to become a more expressive writer or stage poet? Harness the power of poetic language to connect with your audience with your most compelling work yet.

A workshop for beginners and advance writers. Join local spoken work artist Masaki Takahashi to learn how you can use the power of the spoken word to craft work that reflects your true voice. Drawing from examples of his own and others’ writing, Masaki teaches you tools to connect with your audience every time. Key lessons include:

• Literary tools for writing
• Performance tips to engage your audience
• Writing exercises to strengthen your work

Whether you want a crowd of hundreds of people or share amongst close friends, everybody can better express themselves with the study of poetic language. This workshop will give you tools to pin point your message — helping you break down the barriers, connect with your audience, and write the meaningful work you’ve always imagined.


Let’s work on techniques, getting more comfortable in front of the crowd.


Let us find prompts for you to use to get the writing going.


We will go through the fundamental techniques of writing poetry.

Reach out! Let’s work together.


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