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“We Return to Where We Were Born”

By Janine Certo, published by Quiddity

Heading home, we siblings became water,

reminiscing that trip to Bermuda,

bodysurfing the waves with our father.

Children, we knew nothing of the Buddha,

how we’re constantly changing, never safe,

that upādāna, Sanskrit for clinging, 

also means fuel. We’d always been afraid

of building fires: of overfeeding, 

their size doubling, or being distracted.

But after we’d nursed our father at home, 

we stacked a pine pyramid, struck a match.

Which wave is a father on the ocean?

We both cried out when a warm current came.

Our father was holy, aflame. 

©2020 Janine Certo 

Jahman Hill “White Heaven”

Jahman Hill, is an amazing poet who will be one of our features for our May 12,2020 event that we are hosting virtually.

Here is his poem “White Heaven”.

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